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6 Weeks To Sexy Online Program

Discover the fat loss formula that is helping women around the world achieve INCREDIBLE results in about half the time of traditional fat loss programs

So You're Probably Wondering What
The Sexy Program Is All About?

You’ve found it…

The trusted program that thousands’s of women have proven to work, when ‘traditional diets’ didn’t. You can join the empowered community of like-minded women taking back their health and shaping their dream body.

Each day you have the expert fitness advice walking you through, answering your questions and making sure that you always feel confident. Gone are the days of downloading an e-book and being left by yourself. This is the step-by-step plan specially designed for women to burn off weight fast!

Imagine sliding back into your “skinny” jeans without a struggle or wearing that amazing little black dress you’ve been waiting to buy…

You’re probably thinking, “that sounds great Blake, but is this program for me?” Well, I’ve worked with more than 1000 women in the last three years of all shapes, sizes, and fitness levels ranging from complete beginners to advanced athletes, and I’ve found the formula that works – no matter where you are today. You’ll lose cm and kilos and feel great.

What do I get when I
join 6 Weeks to Sexy?

A complete 6 week challenge including group training, nutrition, support and a community atmosphere. This program will not only transform your body, but will educate you on how to keep it for life!

Sexy Workouts

So many of the programs out there either have you looking ‘bulky’ or feeling weak and hungry. The 6w2s program will leave you looking toned without looking like a man.

Exercise Videos

Discover the effective step-by-step method to implement the Sexy exercises to give you the best fat-melting results.

The Support

My team and I are here to support you, as part of investing in your health, we’re throwing in the Locker Room where you can reach out to us to help you with your health, nutrition, and work outs.


No more downloading your e-book and being left to your own devices. This community makes sure that you are accountable and is there to answer any questions you have.

Eating Plans

The 6w2s program is a result of the past 13 years and all the ‘trial and error’ I’ve been through with thousands of women. I’ve trialled every possible approach to getting rid of stubborn fat to bring you the very best program.


Fun and challenging workouts that will test you but leave you feeling energised and fulfilled!

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Amazing Transformations

Charlie Ballaam

“The ‘6 Weeks to Sexy’ program not only changed my physical appearance but also my attitude towards training and food. I didn’t realise how much I had to learn or how easy it is to make these positive changes. Who would have thought cutting out gluten, dairy and sugar could be so simple!”

Sammy Stevenson

“Would highly recommend the program ‘6 Weeks to Sexy’. I felt quite sluggish, untoned and bloated before I started. But after week one, I had already lost centimetres from my waist and my stomach hasn’t been this flat in a VERY long time.

Em Esslemont

“Before I started ‘6 Weeks to Sexy’, I was a fairly fit, regular gym goer on what I perceived to be a generally healthy diet! How mistaken I was! It took me just over one week on the program to realise I had been exercising well within my comfort zone and that my diet was rubbish (well parts of it).”

You Can Secure Your Place NOW!

We are so confident that 6 Weeks to Sexy, is going to transform your body, we guarantee it. I know it’s a big promise… But the 6 Weeks To Sexy Women Prove It Works

Get the best shape of your life for only $15/week. First week free. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need equipment for this?

You don’t need a huge amount of equipment, but it would be great if you had dumbbells, somewhere to do chin ups and make a barbell. A lot of the exercises are bodyweight.

These girls look fit! I'm not that fit, is that ok?

Absolutely! There are four different levels. From absolute beginners to advance. I suggest starting on level 1 – which is beginners 😉

What type of results should I expect?

It really depends on where you are starting at. A LOT of women come to us because they want to lose the last 5 kilos, but we’ve also had women lose up to 10 kilos in the 6 weeks.

What if I have an injury?

It really depends what type of injury you have. Please consult your doctor before starting.

Can you guarantee I'll get results?

I can GUARANTEE that if you follow EXACTLY what I tell you to do that you will get results. The question is, are you prepared to do exactly as I say? 😉